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Deity race: Human, Male
Domains: War, Pain, Death, Poison
Symbol: Syth wraped by snake
Favored Animal: Red Diamond Snake
Favored Weapon: Syth
In the battle between Good and Evil, Icloh has found a way to take the reigns of Power of Evil. With the main focus of taking down and removing his sister, Freya, Icloh has made a bold move. With forces of Humanoids that side on Evil, Necromancers are being brought forth in finding more powerful weapons for the war he is about to unleash.

For the followers of Icloh, Powers granted to them is the knowledge on creating poisons and not poison themselves. This turns animal and plant life into poisons at first level.

Appond reaching 12 level, a worshiper can poison a person that is within 80 feet of follower of Icloh. This can be done five (5) plus Wisdom Modifier per day.
Known Gods
Avacyn : LG
Bea : NG
Freya : NG
Icloh : NE