World of Ci'taept

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Known World
Drath Dunost

Known Settlements
Ocean Wave
Zar Kestal
Cross Roads

Humans built Hope for a Northen settlement. During the early stages when Adventures wish to explore the unknown, they would end up here. During the course of growth, Adventures locate a Black Dragon's den. Not knowing how safe it was, the adventures decided that the Kobold that worshed the great beast needed to be destroyed. After what was known as the distruction of Hope, man decided to rebuild south of the wall, that use to protect them from the threats of the ocean. The new area grew. An aliance was built and destroyed with the Kobold settlement.
Now, after the war stopped, for an unknown reason... the populous vanished from the area of what is now called Zar Kestal.
  1> Church
  2> General Store
  3> Mayors Building
  4> Inn