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Year after Hope fell to a Kobold army, Humans believed that the place should have calmed down in the need to fight. With a new beginning to Hope, the sent out settlers to try once again in establishing a port hub into the new frontier. With the fear of the name Hope, where it causes anger and frusteration, a name change would be required. Thus, with a world spawned from Draconic and Drow comes Zar Kestal... New Hope for an old town.

As Zar Kestal grew in population, so did the strength needed to actually establish a town. Many groups have come to catch a glimps of what awaits to be found in this area... but after 10 years of hard work and prosperity, Zar Kestal population vanished overnight. With the unexplained reason behind the vanishing, citisons of the world became afraid, afraid what will happen to the populous of themselves.