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Deity race: Human, Female
Domains: Animal, Good, Healing
Symbol: Falcon
Favored Animal: Falcon
Favored Weapon: Longsword / Longbow

Humans have been sent all over the area of the World of Citaept, New Gods have started showing up in the myths of the world. A believer in the basic land, Freya watches over the Animals of the land. Druids believe that if you are good to the Animals, Freya will watch over you and bring Health when needed.

As a follower of Freya, the Character gains Detect Animal as an At-Will, and can be used three (3) plus Wisdom Modifier a Day.

At seventh (7) level, Characters gain the ability to harvest bones and stumic for medical healing. This ability Heals for 1d10 hit points or Cure Disease.
Known Gods
Avacyn : LG
Bea : NG
Freya : NG
Icloh : NE