Arkane Angel's Galactic War
Version: 0.19.15

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Galactic War is a Multi-Player Text Game where you are in control of an empire that is trying to build and survive amongst waring empires.
When you start, you are very small and must make crucial choices on how to build your empire. As you grow, dangers arise and harm you, but
the strong will survive and conquer.

At the beginning of any Empire, one must build up thier supplies of goods, Food, Iron, Gas, Money... with this the crucial choices you make will either
assist your Empire in growing fast or slowly. As you grow, you will find more and more abilities and tactics to do.

With Galactic War, one must do purchases, sales, trades, spying, and most of all... Attacks! At the beginning, take the time, build your Empire! Let the
other Empires who are out there fend for themselves as you try to find the right settings to make your own empire grow!

There is no protection then the ones that you place down for yourself... Remember, each thing that you can do, other Empires can do also!

With all Empires, you have your population that you can train to work for you in many positions... This work force will grant you either production of goods,
information of other Empires, protection of your own Empire... or a military force to take from the others... What ever you set your population out to do,
do it wisely...

With all the possibilities that you can do, you need to get Educated. Throught the system, more items will unlock for you. If you do not work to aquire the proper
knowledge, you will be left behind, easy pickings for the other Empires out there... either way, for any move that you do, may set out a War...