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World of Ci'taept

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Known World
Drath Dunost

Known Settlements
Ocean Wave
Zar Kestal
Cross Roads

The first building to begin forming Cross Roads. With the travel between Hemmington and Ocean Wave, some travelers thought that it would be a good place to build a few buildings off the road and actually for what is now seen as Cross Roads.
When Bob Jackson graduates the Wizard School in Hemmington, this youth thought that it would be a good place to set up a place for travelers and adventures to see what is found in the area.

As the museum grew, Bob knew that he would need more attractions. Since he needed to work on the museum, the solution to work, he put out work for the Adventures. A small price to help adventures in their quest, adventures are welcome to bring some of their knowledge. More information is what is sought for adding to the museum.
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