The Oscars 2020 | Legendary comeback...

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The Oscars 2020 | Legendary comeback...

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Well, Eminem "Lose Yourself" Live at the 2020 Oscars brings him back down to earth. At the beginning while the cameras scan the crowd, lot of people where not really impressed that Eminem was on stage... but as the video goes, more and more people started to get into it. The message clear with the song... "Lose yourself to the music." After all, the music soothes the soul, supposed to bring happiness, and relaxes you.

With all that is happening in the world, it is nice to go back to the good days.

I like to go back to the old music to remind me what it was like in the past... it is nice that this Oscar was him being able to do a song from his past.

This video over 7.7 million for this vide that I watched... and it was only 1 day. There are many clips that have hit YouTube already of his performance and the reactions of the crowd.
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