Role for the Galaxy

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Role for the Galaxy

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A challenging game of dice rolling. This game has a strategic side of it, while there is a guessing side of it, more strategy then guessing. The whole point is to get as many victory points as possible by getting pieces out that will assist you in winning.

That is a bit funny, but each piece that you get out helps you either by giving you more dice to use, cash that allow you to continue using the dice, or many other items that are available.

The game requires you to roll dice, and you do not let your opponents to see until all players are finished assigning dice. Each player has to put dice where they want so that they can scout, colonize, build, produce or ship.

When you place your rolled dice, you will set one as what you really need want to do, then the rest go into places that either are already needed by you, or what you believe that your rivals will do. When placing the dice, each dice will have a mark like the marks for scout, colonize, build, produce or ship, you need to put it to the corresponding location. Once everybody is finished, you show and figure out what will be done.

Check the rules to really get the idea of the dice usage and placement. This is just a simple start of playing the game.

I have enjoyed this game, playing with different players or having a different approach to the game play. There is many choices that you have to consider. Since this game can be played with other players and the start of the game set-up will be random, you have no idea what way the game will take and who will win until the end.

I shall put this into the category of games that I will continue to play.
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