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All RPGs need an enemy of some sort. No matter if it is in space, on land, or on sea, enemies are there. Pirates are good way to add in a problem into your game.

"We sent out a ship 3 months ago, supposed to be back last month. There is rumors that a Pirate fleet is patrolling that route now. Can you check it out?"

After running into the first pirate, you could have it lead to a boss that has plans of toppling the empire, getting cash to revenge a former ally, or just working on getting more pirates out there.

Any way that you look at it, pirates are a good tool to cause problems for the PCs in many ways.

There is the lack of supplies for the towns that they need to get there stock, a blockade of movement in a direction that the party wishes to go, a base has been hit by the pirates leaving it in ruins.

Any way that you play with this idea, realize that a so called "group" that the party works with or for, could hire Pirates to give the town a reason to raise taxes, build an army, have feasts for the Champions that are working to remove the threat. Maybe it is a distraction to hide what is really going on.
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