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Adventure in space where population and planets can be interacted with. This RPG allows for discoveries, trade and battles. Both on ground and in ships, Traveller brings you into an imagination setting full of danger, love, friendships, and lies.

Try to make enough money to own your own space craft, or get really lucky and start your own business to make enough money for you to throw it around looking and doing adventures.

You start off with picking your career of your life before you begin the running around dealing with issues, bounties, and what ever else you are looking for. The adventures will start from a young age to retirement. Each session of background you pick, that is 4 years of training. So, as soon as you are ready to take on the adventures, stop the training and go for the excitement of the unknown.

Between Pathfinder and Traveller, it comes down to what mood the players are in... Traveller is a system that I like. With creativity, anything can happen.
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