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Ideas from players/game masters

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I have been working on building my world (Ci'taept). There is many ideas going into this project. Players do have the ability to contribute to the story and design that has been inspired the additions.

When I started running the game on my world, all the information to start with was Hope. When Hope died, Zar Kestal began construction to replace the dead thrope.

Zar Kestal was named after playing with words to mean New Hope. After looking, I thought that it would be neat to have the name come from a mix of Drow and Dragon language.

While Hope and the surrounding area was growing, a player asked if his character could come from a city. He also asked to build the city. I cleaned it up, and this began a new section of the world. Hemmington began to bring ideas for that area.

Many years passed, then I looked for a name of the world... and Ci'taept was the name that gathered lot of information into the world.

The world kept growing, and still growing now.

I always looking for information to build settlements and adventure areas.

Take a look at what has been placed on the Ci'taept section of the website and get a feel for it. If you have some ideas, place it here in the forum. If I like the idea, I will find a way to implement it. This will also give other Game Masters ideas as well.

Please realize that I have lot of information to deal with, and it will slowly be added to that area.

Thank you for those that will help!
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