Game Master, we need more information

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Game Master, we need more information

Post by Chris »

Trying to accomplish as much as I can to build my world, I have towns, roads, mountains, rivers, lakes... and the list goes on and on...

But, today I ran into having to come up with more information. Silly players do something that we over look lots. The default of Dungeons are simple, go in, find the problems, leave... unless the problem gets more complicated.

Today, the players set fire inside of the caves... Not too much of a problem... except:

They decided that they will suffocate the monsters that they ran into... and all I could think of is what is it going to do with the rest of the monsters and NPCs.

So, now I have to figure out what locations of air release so that there will be a flow of fresh air in some parts of the dungeon. Then I started thinking, if there is rain, the liquid would run down these holes and flood the rooms. So I now have to figure out where the drains will be place. These are things that not necessarily needed to be thought of. So, here I go, attempting to figure out more to my dungeons.

And the bad thing is, what will happen due to this issue. I have to bring forth the "Bad Guy" from his little room. He will be mad that his work could be destroyed by this move. So, even more work needs to be done.

There was information that I read that says to be a bit more creative thinking... like: what does the coins look like instead of just Gold Pieces.

Oh-boy... more work to be done.
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