Is that needed information? Maybe!

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Is that needed information? Maybe!

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During a campaign, there are things to look at and/or think about.

When you see something, or need more information, check around the area. There might be something hiding under the flower pot, or behind the book case. There is lot of things to think about, and if the game master really wants to make it interesting, he may something is there (like the flower pot). But also realize that not all items are really the information needed. These false clues are set so that you really have to think about what you are looking at. Maybe that case at the end of the bed really has nothing, but there it is.

As a Game Master, you can toss fake items as long as you give it enough information to throw off the players. Take for instance, that flower pot. You could easily tell the players that they enter the room, "You see a blue flower pot that has nice pictures on it." This flower pot may have no real reason to be there, but it adds a bit more flare to the game.

What about those coins that the players keep picking up. Would all empires cast the coins the same. Maybe half of what they find in the room is actually of an empire that the party's empire are at war. These coins are now not usable until they get re-molded. So... they will not be accepted at stores. They will have to take these coins to the bank to be re-molded. But that is something that the party passes over like it does not matter.

There are so much that you can add that will either affect or not affect the story... but why walk through the campaign holding the hands of the party.

Spice it up some!
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