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Character Creation

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When you go to build a Character, especially the Background story, you need to sit down with the Game Master. This information needed is where your character will be from, who could be your trainer, what his family history can be. Character generation should be able to match up with the world that you are running in.

The big thing that I have noticed that become a hassle is the town or area around a town that you came from. You should not drop a location that is not even in the world.
For example:
I come from a small village called Hipnocrime. It is near a swamp called Blackandsmelly.

The problem with this is, where is the swamp? Maybe the GM has all swamps full of dangerous creatures. How would an adventure be born in an area that is dangerous for him? And, Hipnocrime? I don't see a way that the GM allow you to drop a civilized place in a place that should already be populated. This would throw off the world. Take time to look at the map(s) and see what is around there, both creatures and resources.

When you become an adventurer, you are exploring the unknown (especially to party), and trying to save the civilization that may be in danger. Do not cause a problem right off the bat that the GM has no idea how you would be in the world. As you gather the information, you should start seeing ways that your background will work for your character.
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