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Gosh, is that a...

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As adventures are roaming the roads in the nearby village, the area should get populated for the players to interact with. Who do they talk too for what is going on in the area?

The game master does not need to fill out all the NPCs, but there should be some built and others that just have a name and what they do. You do not want to create all the kids that are playing on the road, just enough to get it looking good. Not only that, what are they playing? Give a little life to your world inside of the settlements.

I believe that the world is more then just the fights and dungeons... I would like to know that there is more to see then what you just killed.

You may even have a guy near a bar doing some "magic". These games can liven up the populous instead of having them all stick men. Give them a bit of flesh so that they bring life to the area.

If you have ideas of what the populous can be doing, I would like to hear!
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