Many games, one world

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Many games, one world

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Many people think that each game you start up, you need different worlds. Even different game systems don't need to end up having more work then needed.

If you design a world where players enjoy, you can bring other systems to that world. For example, Ci'taept, built mainly for Pathfinder, but with a bit of modification to the NPCs, the world can be utilized in other systems. My world is available for Pathfinder, D&D (all editions), GURPS... pretty close to all game systems out there. I put so much time in building it, modifications are the easy part. If I was to start up another game with different players, I can still drop them into a part of the world for adventure... very little work needed.

So, if you been building a game world, and it has been played in for many years, keep adding ideas and keep the work working for you.
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