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Many games, one world

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:44 pm
by Chris
Many people think that each game you start up, you need different worlds. Even different game systems don't need to end up having more work then needed.

If you design a world where players enjoy, you can bring other systems to that world. For example, Ci'taept, built mainly for Pathfinder, but with a bit of modification to the NPCs, the world can be utilized in other systems. My world is available for Pathfinder, D&D (all editions), GURPS... pretty close to all game systems out there. I put so much time in building it, modifications are the easy part. If I was to start up another game with different players, I can still drop them into a part of the world for adventure... very little work needed.

So, if you been building a game world, and it has been played in for many years, keep adding ideas and keep the work working for you.