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Most people that Role Play with pen and paper run fantasy games via Pathfinder or D&D. Both are good systems giving players equal levels with Races and Classes. To make it more like life, random rolls happen. This gives more interesting RP.

But that is not the only system out there for players. One system that I have played in the past is GURPS. This is short for Generic Universal Role Play System. Much easier just to say GURPS.

With GURPS, you open up many different opportunities for game play. GURPS covers so much, there is fantasy, modern futuristic, and the list goes on. The main thing with this game is to give players equal build, even though there is so many choices to make, you still have a variety of differences.

What I like about GURPS is that you can have a futuristic character travelling the star system actually land on a fantasy or historic world. There is no changes needed if you wish to combine futuristic and fantasy / medieval characters. This makes it simple for players to play what they want with interesting backstories to fit into a game.

Steve Jackson Games did good with GURPS.
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