You have a problem with? Not I... interesting

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You have a problem with? Not I... interesting

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This section I have brought lot of information out for both players and game masters. To really have this grow, players should also check it out and talk. That way we all can have different perspective of the game. This will just come in time.

The main reason for this post is that Zammy brought a problem here in one of the threads. It got me thinking and came up with this topic.

Where he seems to have troubles getting the players out of the city, I do not have that problem. Yet, I do have a problem keeping them in the city. This is an issue that many game masters have when they talk to other game masters. Each group is different, and they play different.

As a game master, I continually work on my world map, building more information so that the players can do their adventures. With trying to keep players moving, the players some times bring an issue for the game master to work on first. These bits of information should be looked at and developed more then the other sections. After all, this is where the players want to adventure.

When you develop, do not kill that section that they are so interested in. Build on it, use it for the adventure. You never know what will happen till it happens. The game master tries to be always ahead of the players, but the players, being so creative and inquisitive, tend to throw the game master in a direction that was not planed on yet to be built.

This is the challenge of the game master, this is why new game masters give up so quickly. Remember, you are not the only one that can toss out hooks, sometimes the players toss out the hook and see what the game master does with it.
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