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Adventure ideas

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With all the work that the Game Master has to do and deal with, coming up with adventures becomes a bit of a challenge. You have to build a world (area for the adventure) for a place that the Players can seek challenges and excitement. Then you have to come up with characters to interact with, be it for buying and selling of goods or information gathering. Then you have to figure out an adventure. This allows the information gatherers to begin search for what they need.

The adventure building is a challenge for many reasons. One I find a lot with my games is: your adventurers (players) decide that they do not want to do that adventure that you took months to work on. One of the reasons Game Masters fly by the seat of their pants.

The Game Master needs to gather information from players to know what it is that they would like to do. And so comes the issue of the poor GM, how much work do I take to construct all the Non-Player characters, maps of the areas (the longest part of adventure creation) and a story that may fail.

One of the ways I think is start with talking to the players for character design and what type of game that they are looking for... the other, start the game off with a bit of information and ... fly from the seat of your pants.

Once you get the game going, bits of information can be created and developed. But in the end, flying with no actual direction happens. Players decide to go from regularly show to a total different idea of how information will be dealt with.

My suggestion, start with maps and a few character designs that have no real home (unless you wish for the character to be a set location .. bartender) and build as you go. Destroying a campaign that was designed can come down to one player deciding that they are going a different direction or thought plan.
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