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Down Time

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Most RP games are adventure after adventure. This does not matter which system, it just seems that good games that keep the players attention has very little downtime.

If the adventure does this continual chase the goal and treasure, then there is no time to unwind. As an actual gamer, in real life, that will burn out those hard working people.

RP is an unwind situation to refresh the mind. It helps numb the every day turmoil called life.

This must be taken into account for the adventure as well. If you wish to keep things going while the adventure tries to unwind, you may do this by having information of the next adventure. But that will still not be real down time.

During this period, after training, think of things that you can skip like shopping or relaxing (Bar seems to be where the adventure can relax with a cold one.) There should be a break, what ever you feel like to allow suggestion of the player of what his character will do.

Try not to drop a new adventure to quickly.
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