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Sci-fi or Fantasy

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There has been many players that I have entertained via Fantasy games (D&D, Pathfinder), I have also run in few games of Space travel (GURPS, Traveller). Out of the two of these styles, lot of players are into Fantasy.

With GURPS, you can play many styles. There is modern, vampire (Dark World type of fun), Fantasy, Cyber Teck... Or you can mix the types all together just for fun. GURPS runs off of point value.

D&D has attempted to bring in some space faring rules... which players seem to keep away from. I do not blame them, Fantasy should stay Fantasy. D&D has that figured out.

When D&D moved to 4ed, Players tended not to like. I, on the other hand, enjoyed 4ed. It shows players how to work together to strengthen the bond of the party. Very few players actually play that way. When 4ed came out, players where given the choice to switch to Pathfinder. This system was close to D&D 3.5 so the switch was easy.

D&D 5ed came out with player input. I found that they brought out too many Adventure Campaigns and no additions for the players to enjoy for a few years. This made me leave 5ed and go back to Pathfinder where there was variety of information for both GM and Players.

No matter what system you wish to use, Role Play has been damaged by online games where it is set that you kill, you get the experience and treasure. In these games, there is lot of combat. For table top, Role Play should not focus around just combat, you should be allowed to do the Role play.
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