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GURPS... what you want!

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Out of the different RPG system... GURPS, Traveller, Pathfinder, D&D (all versions), World of Darkness (White wolf) + Vampire the Masquerade, and a few others. Each one builds a character differently.

With GURPS, the character build is based off of points. You use them on stats, skills, advantages... and gain them from choosing disadvantages and quirks. Most characters are designed with points that are average of 100 points 25 disadvantage 5 quirks, and builds close to average age of normal people. If you go lower, then they are built weaker, and lot of players would like to go higher which builds much stronger, and possible god like.

This system, breaking the name down, is Generic Universal Role Play System. This means that you can build more then just human. I have seen dragons, computer chips... all character designed. When you have an idea of what you want, you can sit down and build them. They have shown psionics, super heroes and aliens. There is many books to use that will help you design what type of character you wish.

This system has been one that I have used to create different types of characters. After many years of Role Playing, Pathfinder has finally allowed to create different characters... races and classes. I have seen something close in AD&D 2nd Edition.

I still like GURPS and the different ways of having character builds.
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