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Ads and Websites

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For those that cruise around the Internet, you are tempted by many Ads. Some people have gotten so angry with them that they go and get Ad Blockers. But there is other ways to look at Ads.

The main one is that Ads do not cost you anything to view them. As much as you hate them, some of them actually have links that go to something that might interest you. With the Ads blocked, you miss out on a few items that might catch your attention.

The second thing is that Ads produce revenue to the websites. I am looking at the small sites (like mine) where their only source of revenue is showing Ads. Since they don't cost you, and the website needs the cash to keep them online, I believe that viewing Ads is better for everybody.

The people that pay for these Ads are the ones that show. They pay so much money to get your attention that the site that you see it on gets part of the payment.

Ads make good sense to keep the sites that you visit running, why not help!
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