Tea... Drink wisely

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Tea... Drink wisely

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I have been drinking different teas. I have enjoyed many different flavors. Both Black and Green teas. What I did not know is how much they help you maintain your body. I saw a story that says that 5 cups of tea is very good for you, they also said that 2 cups will be good as well.

Tea reduces many things, heart failure and diabetes naming just two of the many great things.

For those that want no caffeine or a small amount, green teas are great to have. Dark teas have caffeine, natural from the leaves themselves.

There are a few different flavors. This will allow you to try them and see what one(s) you like.

I switch between many of them, and loose tea helps out the planet as well. Teas leaves are compostable allowing to give back to the soil.
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