Plecos and Algae

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Plecos and Algae

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I was cruising the Net for random information (not sure what it was now), and came across this neat bit of information that I had to try.

It was how to make Algae for Plecos to enjoy. I set up a large glass onto one of my windowsills to try this out.

It is simple, Glass full of water (I used waste water that I take out of the filters) and direct sunlight.

Simple, and it grew the Alae. Now I wait to see if the Plecos go into the glass that has Algae on it. (So far, I got the other tropical fish checking it out)

When you do try it out for yourself, you must leave the glass on the windowsill for a week or more. Pay attention to the growth so that it doesn't get to much Algae. It might over feed you Algae eaters and take them away from keeping the tank clean.

When you go to take the water out of the glass and put the glass into the tank, get another glass and put the old water into the new glass. This should allow you to grow Algae quicker then starting out fresh.
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