Pleco and tight spaces

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Pleco and tight spaces

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I enjoy tropical fish for my fish tank. The tank does build lot of algae. The Algae eater that I like is the Bristlenose Pleco.

I had to do an emergency operation because they like to go into caves. One of my ornaments fell over in the tank, showing off a hole that the pleco decided that it wanted to check out. The head was small enough to get into the small area, but it could not get out. I noticed it when it was whipping the ornament around in a frenzy.

I pulled the pleco and it's hat (that is what it looked like... not really what it was) out of the water and started to try to get the pleco free. I have never touched one until now. Boy, the scales and fins where well placed. Good thing that I did not get cut.

The operation was a bit difficult due to one of the gills got stuck. That was a hard job to fix.

In the end, Pleco was free.
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