Mystery Snails

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Mystery Snails

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For those that end up with Mystery Snails, there is a way that I have worked with to get rid of them.

When I say Mystery Snails, what I am referring to is snails that show up with no reason. They could be from eggs that are on plants or decorative additions to the fish tank.

What I did was use Copper Sulfate, also know as Blue Copper, to kill them.

When using it, use only a few crystals each day so that you do not shock and kill the fish. After a few days, empty a bit of water, but keep it going until the snails are dead. After the snails look like they are gone, stop the treatment and slowly change out the water. You do not want to shock the fish, so a bit of water change daily.

If you see a moving snail, start the Copper Sulfate again, till the new ones are dead.

I found that once the snails are gone, the Pleco will clean better and fish be more lively.
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