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Home and Renos

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I have been displaced from my place of sleep. For a thing that we thought that we were fighting, grease would be the first idea that would be thought of. After a few months of struggle, we finally brought in a plumber to check it out. What we found is that the grease build up was not due to grease at all. What we found was that the pipe that the drain passes through was rotted out.

This is a big project, we thought that it would be a small hole and a small repair. After digging it out, we found that it was worse then originally thought.

This small job ended up to force us to dig out a large line of pipe.

So, if you start fighting a blockage in a pipe, it may be time for you to get a plumber. Get them to clear it out and if they find something not right, you may have to deal with rotten pipe line.

For what we have had to fight, I hope that you do not end up having to dig out the pipe line.
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