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Where to start

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The first thing that you need to do when programing is start with an idea.

Once you have the idea, choose what language you wish to program in. There is a ton of languages to consider.

For building a website, you can use html. Very basic since it shows what you like to have typed for people to read. CSS makes it better... but I will be talking about php language in this thread.

To start off with php, you have to remember that some of the code that you type will need to be shown to the viewer... lot of the code works behind the scene.

For our first line... here is what it will look like in code.

echo "Hello World!";

The first line states the code between <?php and ?> will be used as php language. To begin using php, the <?php basically states begin. The last line, ?> states end.

The middle code, you will notice that it has echo at the beginning. This code says that what ever is between the quotes is to be shown to the viewer. In this case, Hello World! will be shown. The semi-colon states that it is the end of line. If you leave the quotes or the semi-colon out, you will get an error, same with the echo.
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