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Old and New groups

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Here I sit, listening to music while doing some work on the Website. There has been times that I like to go back to the old groups (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourn, Def Lepard ... list is long), then I just want to listen to new songs (Billie Eilish being the latest, with Bad Guy, When the Party's Over) and all the music between.

Music helps me think, relaxes me, and entertains me (especially the videos). I jump between groups, mix them up, as well as looking for new songs. Most times, I just stumble onto a new group to me, or a new video song. Helps me keep sane while the Coronavirus locks down countries.

While staying at home, due to no one wants to get together to talk or play game, music helps. Of course, there are a few electronic games that I have been wasting time with, but it is not fun. I like to be able to socialize with friends.

But... the fear of getting the virus has made people hide away.

If you have a video from YouTube that you like to watch, pass it on, post here. Maybe (most likely) I will go check it out.
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