This Famous Rapper Can ACTUALLY Sing

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This Famous Rapper Can ACTUALLY Sing

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RoomieOfficial has may works where he talks about singers, "Original vs Copy" and "Auto Tune". Every so often, I sit down and see what his topic is, getting some ideas from him.

For this post, RoomieOfficial talks mostly about Machine Gun Kelly.

Now, the one song from MGK that I heard turned me off of looking for any more works of his. Rapping... he sucked when he went to dis Eminem with Rap Devil. This "song?" was a very bad move on his part. Did I tell you that it sucked... oh, ya, I did!

But, Roomie found some covers where Kelly (I do not think that these covers should be put down as songs from MGK) actually sings good. If he wants to catch people to listen to him (like me)... he needs to get away from Rap and go to Pop. Voice much better!

This lockdown has made famous people do things that they may not have done, and after hearing this from Kelly, I think that he should rethink his style.
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