Type of music that I like

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Type of music that I like

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In the past and the present, music is what helps me deal with life. The beat and background music allows my brain something to drown out the silence... which some people will say is weird. I work better with background music.

As I grew, I have heard many genres and the style I like most is the fast paced music. Def Leopard, Metalica, Poison was the groups of the past that I listened to regularly. Rock by request had many songs being played to keep people going, but now, YouTube is where I find my music. These recent years, fast pace music comes from Pitbull, Flo Rider, LMFAO (Party Rock Anthem being my favorite from them/him).

When I want slower, OneRepublic comes to mind.

There is so many great groups out there that learning about them takes many hours of listening to the music out there. I enjoy doing coding while having the music play in the background. Now, if I can only get time to acquire the CDs to go with my collection, that would make me happy... less usage of data.
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