Resident Evil - Deck Building Game

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Resident Evil - Deck Building Game

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For all the types of Deck Building Games, Resident Evil keeps me going back to the game for the hunt of power, enough to take down the bad guys. With a beginning deck of 10 cards, starting with 5 of them.

There is cards to give you ammunition to power weapons and gold to do your card purchases. You goal is to kill the boss of the monsters. To do this, you need to use your gold to get more power, be it more gold, ammunition, weapons or cards that you can do wonderful tricks to your deck. You will be needing ways to get rid of cards that are not helping you, and there is cards like that you can purchase.

You will find a video here (once the editing is finished) on this website. Keep an eye out for this upload.

Resident Evil - Deck Building Game is made by CapCom. The design is made that 2 to 4 players can battle it out, and yes, there is player vs player game style. Since there are two version that are add-on and one of them can be stand alone, we figure that if we had the players, you could push the game to 8 players.
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