Star Trek Chrono-Trek

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Star Trek Chrono-Trek

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"You are a character from the Star Trek universe, but you are trapped in a timeline where something has changed."

Created buy Looney Labs, 2 to 6 players taking between 15 - 45 minutes to play.

There are 172 cards, 3 different decks.

Timeline with 36 cards placed in order, 4 X 9 grid, blue and purple sides face up.

ID Deck holding 8 characters in each difficulty level, with 4 levels to play at. Getting known to the game, build your knowledge starting at the lowest level. When you are use to the game, you can mix all the ID cards together. ID cards tell you who you are and what your win conditions are.

The 3rd deck is the main deck. This deck consists of 7 types of cards. There are Artifacts (objects to collect), Inverters (to change the timeline), Actions (single-use event cards), Power Actions (extra powerful actions), Events (mandatory plays done at draw faze), Assignments (tasks to perform), and Fractures (damages to the timeline).

The play is simple, you are working to mess with other players win condition while you are setting yourself up for the win. Challenge is there for the thinkers while at the same time as being simple.

For those that like Star Trek, you will have many references that you will enjoy.
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