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When I first saw the title, I was like... wow, I get to see this great game (through what I have heard of by a few people). When I started watching, I got disappointed. This game was not like the worlds of RPG and Challenges between players. This game was built out of blocks. It looks like a build style game. Things that I am not into. I have a game here that I am building that gives you the challenge of building fast enough that the other players can be traded with, or fight. (Right now, building the fight section)

For those that like to build and trying to save themselves, this would be a good game for you.

CrimsonTaco shows this program at the highest level, and a few "not bad" levels (even though it is still at a very high level.

I am not going to fault him doing this video. It is a good way to see what it looks like before you go and get it yourself.

I am not sure who is in the background while CrimsonTaco is running the program. But it is a good idea to have the extra person to state what information is going on, and gives CrimsonTaco to talk too.
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