Terraria TREE of LIFE Speed Build!

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Terraria TREE of LIFE Speed Build!

Post by Chris »

Not sure what Terraria is... not sure I want to... but this video makes it that I just want to lay back and watch the tree being built.

And the reason that I am not sure that I want to know what Terraria is: Just watching the video of the tree being built is enough for me to relax to.

It is nice that it got sped up. This would have take way to long to see the outcome. 18 second over 11 minutes to make this tree, if it was not, it looks like it would be many hours.

This video makes a nice relaxing view... picked a nice song to go with it.

As of this post, it is only 2 days old. Take a look at the video. Maybe you will find it relaxing as well.

The Subject is what the video is called... go... take a look... enjoy!
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