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Welcome to my place to rant, discuss, and help people to become what we use to be... a society that was willing to question what other people tell you. The society that we now live in is a Me society, or better yet, the Drone society. Before I go too far into my post, I should tell you that these articles may or may not be politically correct. The definition that I will follow is that politically correct refers to... marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving esp. race, gender, sexual affinity, or ecology.

Since you are reading this article, I will now scare the hell out of you! There will be two outcomes for reading more on this page. Either you will stop using electronic devices, especially ones that access the Internet, or you will continue using them but will be more cautious with what you will do! I not trying to tell you to stop using Technology. What I want to do is make you think and be more cautious.

In the past, it was so easy to cause problems, now... well, it is so much easier. And I will show you how easy it is. Can I get trouble with the law, most likely, get arrested, chances are high. Can I get off? Hmmm... there is a very good possibilty. Why, because I am showing you and the rest of the Electronic World how it is done and make you really think of ways to protect yourself.

For any perspon that wishes to be nasty, there is many ways to do that... and if the person is really good, then modifying any code will be easy for him/her! and to show you how easy it is... I will now show you the code to a simple program called Hello..

View Program (Hello Code)
Download archive of Hello Program

Please note that the Code that I have showing for Hello Program is only part of the program. You can find the operational Program in the second link. If you run the program, as soon as you download the Archive and Run what is loacated inside, it will install right into windows. To Uninstall it, you need to go into the Settings -> Apps, locate the program and simply uninstall it!

At this point, are you scared? You should be... if you are not, then continue reading... heck, everybody should continue reading!

The programe code that you viewed is a simple reverse engineered code just by renameing the program into a text (.txt) file and opening it right into Note Pad! And this is the begining of code cracking... what the news has labeled as Hacking! A real Code Cracker will go deeper into the code, right down to the Computer Language! With the proper changes, a simple program is now a deadly program! This is just the beginning of what programmers can do! Of course there two types of computer users: the good and the bad! Even if you don't know much about the computer operation, you would still follow under the good!
To help you protect yourself, you should start with a Virus Scanner and a Malware Scanner. I recommend that you get both of them, even though some Virus do look for other potential threats to you, it does not do enough! There is a third thing that you should also get... and that is someone that knows alot more to computers then you do, that is willing to test everything out for you, knowing that he may loose his computer or computer parts. Make sure that you trust this user! These users that fight the good war (how the heck can war be good?), I like to call them Electronic Ninjaes! Those that think that they they are Electronic Warriors are only people that bitch and complain about someone or multiple people. These people are Idiots and are no threat to you!

Now, for the bad computer users... these are the ones that will write code that will harm everybody! The problem is, these people are targeting other users! Everything that is put onto your computer, or the Internet is programs that are written in code. Do not believe that you have nothing to worry about, even if the site or program is secure... you are either being fooled, or you have just fooled yourself!

Take time and think about this! Next post I will continue the discoveries that you will have to protect yourself from!