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Welcome to my place to rant, discuss, and help people to become what we use to be... a society that was willing to question what other people tell you. The society that we now live in is a Me society, or better yet, the Drone society. Before I go too far into my post, I should tell you that these articles may or may not be politically correct. The definition that I will follow is that politically correct refers to... marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving esp. race, gender, sexual affinity, or ecology.

Now, I can see that you are going to say that these are going to be hate articles, they may have a bit of take behind it, so if you are afraid that you are going to be offended, then I suggest that you continue being a Drone to the leaders of the world and do not read past this point!

I am sad that one of the so called Greatest Science mind of our age is now dead! I am not sad for who is was, after all, I have never met the guy in person! The reason I am sad is that I never had the chance to talk to this man! I would have loved to know how he would be able to convert his science into a Layman term so that us Uneducated people of the world! After all, he is one of those Big Bang Theorist! As some of the Scientists are trying to figure out where the Universe and Mankind all began at! Both Religious and Scientific thoughts I currently do not believe in!

With this little bit said, it does sound that I will show blasphemy and it is true, I talk against the Christian God, or Gods! The reason for this is that I been reading the Christian Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament! This will be a debate subject that I will deal with in future articles, or maybe I should say Testament!

So, what I do call my self is a searcher of the Trueth, the original reason that news companies was set up for, not these lies that they tell people now! How do I seek the Trueth? I do a lot of research, hitting many websites, filtering through the massive bundles of pages, as well as what I see in person. Many people will disagree with me, that is acceptible, as long as you are willing to bring forth the information that you have found. This does not mean what you think or are told, but actual information that you can either show me, or quote and have it on paper! This will give us something to actually chat about, or better worded, Debate. You will find a link to my E-Mail Address that you can send information too.

I have been interested in research for a very long time. I also like to prove things wrong. This goes way back to when I started school, and has stopped being done by the new group of people that are going to continue on our civilation. The schools are trying to turn everybody into Drones, and I wish to work against the Brainwashing going on to create people into the non-think Drones of the World!

Talking about the World that we live on, and the planets and stars that are out beyond the confines of Earth, I have been wondering how it has become to be here. There is the Big Bang theory and the Religious theory. There are a few other Theories out there, but it seems like these two theories are the big ones that have been causing many fights and debates. For me, I am going to go against BOTH theories! Many problems with both of them. Right now, I will talk about the Big Bang Theory!

With the complex mathimatical equations to try to back their idea, I would like them to turn these characters into laymans terms. According to these equations and the science that they say proves it, the Big Bang is able to be proven... now, here is the Biggest problem with the Big Bang Theory! In space, you shoot a bullet in any direction, it will continue in a straight path as long as nothing ends up stopping it. I understand that it will alter its course as it passes by something that has gravity! Now with that statement, if the Big Bang actually happened, then all particles that it explosion shot out would continue in a straight line, not come together to form planets, stars, or even any Galaxy. Since we can prove that Earth does exists, just stomp your foot down, you will hit the Earth. If you do stomp your foot down and encounter nothing, you are in space of falling from the sky... and may end up messy if you do not have anything to stop you! Now that I have you start thinking, you are now becoming less of a Drone!

There has been also seen and document that Galaxies to run into each other causing a real beautiful look to those monitoring them. To have those types of collisions they have to be moving to very different directions that bring them into contact with them. If that can be seen, that means that one of those Galaxies, or both of them are not moving away from the location that the Big Bang originated! You know, that brings many questions to be answered.

The last thing that I will state in this post is... We live in a three dimensional life, why is Galaxies rotate in a flat two dimensional patern?