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Alberta keeps saying that is the economy is getting better. Spending millions to say so. Here, I going to blow your minds on some information pulled from as of 2018-01-05
To do some caculations, I am taking it that the following information is correct. To be classified to be Working, your age is minimum age of 15 years of age
This data is for the province of Alberta, Canada.
Numers in the Thousands

Population: 3,443.7
Labour Force: 2,495.2
Employment: 2,322.3
Unemployment: 172.9

There are a few confusions that I would like to point out before I put down some percents off of these numbers.
Let us first add the Unemployed Force plus the Employed Force (Employment): 172.9+2,322.3=2,495.2 (please take note of the Population!
If you take in the Employeed Force and the Unemployed Force and the populous of Alberta, they are stating that there 948.5 people in Alberta are not counted for, or are wives that do not work. That is 3.62% of the population that are counted in the Stats.
Now, let us calculate some numbers here...
Number of people surveyed in Alberta: 100,000 while Alberta has a population of 30,059,900 people.
This means that only 29% of the population is actually being used the make the information for StatsCan. Then they take that 29% of the population that got surveyed, and make it work for 100% of Alberta.