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In the News, on TV Ads, Facebook, Youtube... and most likely anywhere the Ad can be place, it talks about how Alberta is on a positive growth rate. I have been monitoring lot of information to see if there is actual improvements in Alberta Economic. What I find is real interesting...

The Alberta Government fist talked about the drop in Unemployment Rate... of course using the beautiful number of 6.4%! If you pay attention, that was the Average of ALL of Canada. Albertas Unemployment Rate is sitting at a still high rate of 7.3%! Nice drop from a 9%, but if you take a look at how long it as taken to drop this amount from the 9% mark, was started at Nov. 2016 (9%) till now, Nov. 2017 (7.3%)! 2.7% drop in just one year... it took 2 years of job losses and business closes to go from 4.4% in Nov. 2014.

Since there is a small change in one year, it does not look like the Unemployment Rate will drop fast enough to fix the jump, especially since Businesses are still closing due to one major cost of running a Business!

One of the keys to have a successful Business is having at least one Employee. But, with the Minimum Wage going up from $10.20 in 2015 with really high jumps to end up at $15.00 next year, Businesses have to alter their employee force, and raise the product prices. This makes it real hard to compete with Online Businesses. 1 Employee now casting this amount, it forced the business to either drop 1 employee from the operations, or lower the hours of the employee. While this is happening, the business are forced to increase wages due to the costs before them. The cost of Delivering it, the Distributor costs, and so forth to the company that produced the product in the first pace. Now, since the Minimum Wage affects everyone on the chain of getting the product to the store, the price goes up lots to cover the cost of the product.

I know that lot of people do not like the price, but with the Alberta Government forcing this change in Minimum Wage to go up... I present a question. It is a choose one Option and state why would you choose the one that you picked.

Option 1
Minimum Wage: $5.00 per hour
Hours of woork: 40 per week
Cost of Rent (Apartment): $500 per Month
Cost of Milk: $2.50
GST: 5%
PST: 3%
Option 2
Wage: $15.00 per hour
Hours Available: 20/week
Rent: (Appartment): $1300 per Month
Cost of Milk: $5.00
GST: 5%
PST: 0%

I would like to see what your answer would be. Send you self over the the Forum and put up the answer!

Now to continue on with the Alberta Speech, on how they think Alberta is getting better! Let us now look the flip side, the Employment rate!

If there is new jobs forming, then our Employment rate should be continually be getting better... but look at these numbers: Sept. 2015 2,311,800 at the highest and it dropped until July 2016 with 2,294,700 employed. That, in almost one year a whopping 62,900 people ended up not having a job! Now with a slow climb, 2,296,000 in Nov 217, meaning only a scarry sight of 1,300 people became employeed! To me, just these numbers that I have brought forth, I would say, there are many Albertans that are still stuck in the Resession!

What is the Government doing to help out the Albertan Citizens? Take a look at the ad! That must cost a few million of dollars! Great, so they are at least keeping the Media having Jobs! Other then that, New Taxes and Levies, and tossing money at the Oil Companies and Renewable resources for energy!

This is what is happening, and it is online going to get worse!