Arkane Angel Galactic War Test Zone Version: 0.00.44
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January 20, 2017
The more costs being involved in the War, Banks are looking at ways to generate some funds for Empires (and themselves) by bringing Loans to the Emperors. Use it wisely, may help you out of a crunch at the begining!

December 4, 2016
The war has become a costly adventure, now you have the ability to attack with Hydro Missiles. These Missiles pack a deadly force, so empires have struck at those empires that utilize them as weapons with rogue forces...

October 4, 2016
With the war raging on... Water has been found to be a powerful enimey and ally. If you produce Water from Water planets just to keep you empire growing, or Refine the Water into Hydro, the choice is yours! Hydro Missiles are coming to the battle field!

July 25, 2016
The war has taken on a great change... now you can target your enemies territory and do as much damage as you can. Missiles are three types, Normal, Uranium, and Plutonium. Each one does massive damage, and can actually lessen the planets that are controlled by your targets. Plan wisely, strike hard!

July 10, 2016
The time to update people on a few attacks that have been added into the War. Among the Spy usage, so far, Information gathering, Rogue attacking Rogue, Cash theft, and Food taking have been worked on. Ships can now attack other empires with the Bombardment attack... and now, Regular Missiles can be launched at your enimies.

November 1, 2015
Over the months, the Maintenance of the Rogues have been worked on. This has been challenging, but as things have progressed, some of the tough parts of the code have worked themselves out. Now, that I want to switch tracks, I have started on heating up the War with working on the next section of Maintenance Code. Now, instead of just going after empires with your Rogues, you now can send in the Ships to support the attacks. First wave of attacks being worked on is the Bombardment of your enemies. Be warned, this endevor will not be cheap on your empire. You will need to balance in more then just how many ships you will send, but how much fuel as well. Good luck in your War as the Galaxy heats up even more!

May 7, 2015
With the reconstruction of the Maintenance program, there has been some changes that needed to be done. As I have been working hard to add in more and more to the maintenance, more and more bugs have been developing. Strange how that works! But so far, things have been developing in a nice time frame. With a few errors that seem to confuse me, I would like to say that the Market's Maintenance looks like it is doing well. The Rogue section of the game is being good in that I am able to add on not only Infomation Gathering, but I have also made it that you can attack other Empire's Rogue Section. At moment, while I look at how some bugs can be fixed as I stumble on them, I am also looking on how to add more to the Maintenance Run for Rogue Attacks.

March 13, 2015
There has been change that has slowed down progress... error in the systems, but they have been hunted down and slowly but surely getting eliminated. Now we progress on and continue to modify. The war can only make us stronger, and in the fight against the bug, we have started to get much stronger... we will continue to work on hunting down these bugs, while at the same time work on what we began when the bugs happened so long ago!

January 4, 2014
The new year has come with a lot more explosions then ever before. We have allowed for the lighting up the skies over multiple planets. The Plutonium Missiles are able to be fired at specific planets so that you can attempt to damage your Enemy at the source.
Your Empire grows be locating planets that are out there that are unconquered by sending out Scouts. As your Empire grows larger and larger, there was very little to hold you back until now... now you have to worry about other Empires sending Missiles your way to destroy your Resource Planets. Now you have to decide, do you envest your Cash into finding new planets, or do you put your Cashflow towards protecting and keeping your Enemies at bay?
With that, you can now send out your Rogues to damage also the stock piles of Oil and Gas to help hamper your Enemy. You need to think carefully, use everything that is in your Empire to the best of it's abilities to keep your Empire growing in this Galactic War!

November 7, 2013
Power has got to the heads of the Empires, sending out missiles, destroying what ever they can... but things have changed. The smart have build a Defencive Gird to take down Missiles. But the sneaky have sent in Rogues to damage the Grids. Continue to add on and test... what will happen next in the War?

August 22, 2013
Almost a month after the reset, and many bug hunts and fixes, we now add in a new weapon for Empires to bring to the table. Using Iron and Coal, Missiles can now be purchased.

July 25, 2013
With so much changes that has happened, one thing was not expected... a reset in the game... allowing all players to start their Empires over again...
This time, the reset is for testing purposes... and we have found that errors have been found, and fixed, giving ALL Emperors a good chance of building
a very strong Empire... and still, we have been adding more to the game...

With this reset, we have introduced a new product for you to Mine... Coal! As of the moment, Coal is just a money grab for Empires!...

I would like to give many hints for the Emperors to build a strong Empire... But even I, the one that is building and introducing new and wonderful changes
to the system, really has to learn how to be a good Emperor as well... As of the moment, I can tell you a few things!

1> For any Empire to be successful, you need a strong population. With the start of one planet in your grip, I strongly suggest putting it work right away.
Give your population something to work at, bringing in more population to your empire... but remember to feed them!
2> Another thing to think about is cash... with cash, you can build a strong Empire... Spend it wisely!
3> Have fun, test out different commands, if need be, switch your Planet production around until you find new planets to set to work with...