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Ocean Wave
Zar Kestal

Room        Cost per night  Occupency
Common         5sp               1
Shared            2gp               2-4
Private            5gp               1
Adventurer's   4gp               4-8

Bath, Cold      2cp
Bath, Hot        6cp
Room Guard   3sp
Meal to room  +1sp
2cp Apple Cake
3sp Boiled Salmon
3sp Broiled Mackerel
3sp Crab
4sp Lobster
4sp Grouse with Gooseberry Jam
1sp Meat Pie
2sp Oyster Soup
3sp Rib of Beef
1gp Roast Pig
1sp 1 Sausage
1cp 1 Egg
2cp 1 Bacon Strip
5cp Beef Stew
3cp Vegetable Stew
1cp Toast, 2 slices
2cp Bread, Loaf uncut
3cp Ham Slice
4cp Cheese
4cp Tankard Ale, Light
5cp Tankard Ale, Dark
4cp Tankard Lager, Light
5cp Tankard Lager, Dark
5cp Tankard Hard Cider
5cp Tankard Mead
16cp Pitcher Ale, Light
20cp Pitcher Ale, Dark
16cp Pitcher Lager, Light
18cp Pitcher Lager, Dark
20cp Pitcher Hard Cider
20cp Pitcher Mead
12gp Barrel Ale, Light
15gp Barrel Ale, Dark
12gp Barrel Lager, Light
17gp Barrel Lager, Dark
14gp Barrel Hard Cider
14gp Barrel Mead
10gp Vessel Seaserpent Ale
120gp Case(12) Seaserpent Ale
5gp Cup Wizard's Brew
25gp Bottle Wizard's Brew
150gp Case(6) Wizard's Brew
1sp Glass White Wine
2sp Glass Red Wine
1gp Glass Elven Wine
5sp Bottle White Wine
7sp Bottle Red Wine
5gp Bottle Elven Wine
12sp Pitcher White Wine
14sp Pitcher Red Wine
90gp Barrel White Wine
100gp Barrel Red Wine
255gp Keg Elven Wine
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