Pathfinder Character Develop Program
Welcome to Pathfinder Character Develop Program notification page.
The software that you are able to dowload is in a simple Zip package. Windows 10 already allows you to look into the package.
Once you download the Zip file, you will need to unpack the files with Extract All Files. This will make sure that the program is correctly set
to allow you to install it correctly.

Once the software is installed, futher updates for the program can be aquired with the Update button found under the File Tab

This program has been released for testing purposes. There will be lot of errors and sections that will still need to be worked on.
Please do not be surprised by this. I have been working on getting the Update Section of the program working before adding in more code for
having more to be done with this Character Development Sections. If you find an error, please fill out the form to assist in locating the error.
I will also be adding in a section to allow you to read any updates to the software as I keep making it grow larger!

If you remeber the directory that you installed the program, please download and unpack the Zip file to that directory.
If you do not remeber which directory, you will need to uninstall the program before running the new version.
Windows 10 uninstall is found in the Settings-Apps & features.
Please Enjoy!
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